2015 Destination Partners,

I am proud to announce the new fireballrun.com responsive site. This new site flat out destroys any travel adventure site we've seen. The new site is exciting, simple and a snap to navigate. It is also responsive, meaning it is scalable to mobile devices.

So the bad news is we need you to restore your city profile page to be in keeping with the new design. Images are currently distorted because they are not formatted for the new look.

Due to the relaunch our traffic is going to plummet on the short term. However within 30 or so days, once Google has reindexed the site our traffic should blow past the older site. Since now 85% of searches come from mobile devices, Google indexes responsive sites much much higher than non responsive sites.

We hope you enjoy the new version. Our goal is to always improve our deliverables to destinations... beyond your event year. We're in a long term relationship and want to keep your excited about your ROI.

Any questions... call or email me. I was readmitted to the hospital last week but am back in the office on a limited schedule now. Quite frankly I think they got it right the second time.

Cheers- JJ